Cherbourg Funerals

In 2016, we proudly became the first funeral home ever to open a location in the Aboriginal Shire of Cherbourg in Queensland. From this location we are able to serve the families of Cherbourg, Murgon and surrounding areas.

This decision was met with tremendous support from the Local Council and the Councillors did all they could to ensure that our every need was met.

The local community, Elders, and Ministers alike have also welcomed us warmly and embraced our services to their area.

We proudly operate the regions only mortuary which means that the loved ones within the community who pass away are now be able to remain in the community and do not require transporting away from the area.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Community and surrounding areas, our fee structure is maintained at the exact same level as that of our Brisbane Funeral Home. This means significant savings to the community.

We also offer headstones and plaques on a contract of exclusivity from our suppliers. Our glass headstones are an exquisite example of something that will stand the test of time and truly makes a statement.

Our office at 21 Barambah Avenue, Cherbourg is open to families who need to arrange a funeral, people who wish to pre-plan and set up a payment plan, and those who seek information and assistance.

We have specialised vehicles to fulfil every duty we need to perform.
We have completed our fleet with the purchase of a refrigerated van which will allow us to transport people all across Australia while maintaining a correct and suitable temperature. This enables us to transport people back to Cherbourg or Brisbane from any location safely and hygienically.

We support local businesses and, where possible, we only source our supplies from local manufacturers, businesses, and families.

Buying locally is an integral investment we want to make in Cherbourg and surrounding areas.
This gives our community the best possible chance of increased employment and productivity.

Employment creation is vital in any community, Therefore, we will employ local people when possible.

We are available 24 hours of every day on 1800 607 880 to immediately assist those families in need.